Jenn ” About why i went into this and where it may take me.”

Why did I create some thing so unique ? Well the Images are very methodical on how I have organized them. I am very interested in the ocean and various lakes and shorelines where I live. My reasoning for a ocean photo blog is just something I came up with in addition to my regular artwork and diverse fantasy graphic work. I have spent about 5 months almost every other day at a park near by and the changes that happen over time are remarkable. If the interest in my work picks up then I may turn this into a video clip blog and document multi locations by season to see if there environmental changes. I have a passion for saving wild life and bird species. Its been alot of fun taking what I have so far. I have been a nature photographer since I was about 8 or 9 years old. 25+ years later I’ve gotten better over time and I have photographed many different images.